The Midnight Machine, Act One

In My Mind (I Will Wait)

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Limited Edition Japan Import CD
  • Limited Edition Japan Import CD


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Only 100 copies exist.  Ships from Tokyo, Japan. Price is $30 flat including shipping anywhere in the world.
Includes the following:
  • autographed Midnight Machine CD
  • instrumentals and vocal stems
  • brown or white cover
  • hand written thank you card
  • Bandcamp download codes for The Midnight Machine, The Electric Mist, and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.
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"The Midnight Machine is a three-part science fiction opera loosely based on my life in Tokyo over the past 7 years. The idea was born out of an instrumental piece I was working on in 2009. It felt to me that a whole universe was inside this song. The Midnight Machine trilogy is that universe. That particular song will conclude the story in Act 3. Act 1, which will be released on June 4, 2013, is the prologue. It was composed and recorded entirely inside of Ableton, using a handful of VST`s and live instruments. “In My Mind (I Will Wait)”, is a song about the longing that I sense in the Japanese people on the overcrowded Tokyo subway every morning. Their closed eyes and possibly wandering minds and cadaver like stillness remind me of the inevitable end for which we all wait: the last stop. “Letters to the Void” is a song about releasing music from this far away land, this distant moon. It`s like tying letters to helium balloons and letting them go." 

The Electric Mist ($5)

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Metaform: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Limited edition VINYL-CD. Plays in normal CD player. Ships from USA.