Electric Eyes

I’m counting the moons, while I’m thinking of you, while I’m jamming this tune, and I’m keepin it true.  I savor the mood, til seven the morn, Got diamonds for souls, I’m a regular dude.  Some keepin quiet, while I’m starting a riot, Just give me a reason, and it’s gotta be live.  I’m sitting alone in a one bedroom home, like a rocket ship that’s about to explode.  I saw the flash of light, inside my mind,  I like it so divine, electric eyes.

Got something to say on a rainy day, my 9-5 can`t take my soul.  I’m too awake I’m too alive, Not satisfied with a world of lies.  Lay down in a grave go back to sleep, Or so they’d wish for you to go away, Your one true face could shine so bright, I see in you electric eyes.  I saw the flash of light, inside my mind, I like it so divine, electric eyes.

Notes: I wrote and recorded Electric Eyes in my home studio in Tokyo, in January of 2010, using Ableton Live 7.  It was the last song made for the album and took one week to make.  The opening melody was the initial spark, then the beat came next.  I recorded the vocals on one rainy Saturday.  The lyrics are centered around the pain I felt over my relationships with colleagues at my corporate job combined with the emptiness I felt from living in a robotic society, thousands of miles away from home and family.