Electric Eyes

I’m counting the moons, while I’m thinking of you, while I’m jamming this tune, and I’m keepin it true.  I savor the mood, til seven the morn, Got diamonds for souls, I’m a regular dude.  Some keepin quiet, while I’m…Read more

Winter City

Got a cold heart, that's a good start, gonna make it in this business.  The day is over, they uncover something missing deep inside of me.  Where did I go down this long road, California soul in Tokyo.  At the…Read more

My Love

See you all alone, Gonna get you in my zone
Program you into my phone, And then we`re gonna take slow
Will you tempt me with your crew, Come and see just what it do
They got nothing over you,…Read more

Secretly Alone

Don't hit your head man on your way out the door.  I know that you are never looking back as you walk out the door.  Anyway man I don't even know who you are, you don't know either as you…Read more

Midnight Sky

How long will it hurt?  How the hell am I supposed to unearth?  How we will embrace.  How the sun will shine upon your face.  Look into the midnight eye.  Look into the mind`s own.
Scatter like my mind.  Howling…Read more

Golden Handcuffs

Icy throne, glass floor life.  Get that money then you're justified.  Corporate speak, insulting.  Public owned, exclusively.  Gone down hill, golden hell.  Nail sticks out, hammered down.  Hand that feeds you also holds you down.  Riot gear, crowd control.  Regulation…Read more